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It may be that specific events in your personal or professional life are stressful, possibly bringing painful emotions to the fore which are proving difficult to manage within everyday life. At other times, events might lead you to reassess what you want from life and how to feel more satisfied in your relationships with self and others. At these times it may be useful to seek professional help from a counsellor/psychotherapist.

In the confidential and supportive environment offered by the therapist it is possible to talk freely without pressure or judgement, in a way that is rarely possible with family or friends. This can allow ideas and feelings to be more fully expressed and can lead to a greater understanding of self and one’s actions. Identifying coping strategies and personal resources helps free energy to make choices and decisions leading to a more fulfilling life.

Forms of therapy
Client-centred Counselling/Psychotherapy and Expressive Therapy
Integrative Therapy, Crisis Intervention

Individuals, Couples, Families and other Groups